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Electric Strip Heaters

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Electric strip heaters are a handy industrial heating option that can also be adapted for domestic settings. They are especially effective when used in smaller spaces where they allow property owners on tight budgets a fairly inexpensive and easy-to-install heating source.


Also known as component heaters, electric strip heaters feature an element that is encased in a metal sheath. They make effective use of surface space for greater heat transfer and can be mounted onto any surface. Their uses have evolved over the years with applications in almost any industry.

Most strip heaters can be mounted on any wall surface or even freestanding on wheels for greater mobility. They provide an ancillary type of heat without having a bulky heater in the way. They are a perfect heating source for a small lounge room or any bedroom.

They come in many sizes and watts. Some models even have remote control options. They are sleek in design and right out of the way. They can assist in removing moisture from a room or simply for drying clothes.


Electric strip heaters do not require particularly skilled technicians to install and can be installed almost anywhere you need heating, including outdoor spaces. In most cases all you will need to do is drill a couple of holes on the surface you intend to mount the heater. Electricians can easily install power points to accommodate them.

You will however still need to observe the attendant safety precautions, ensuring the heater is securely fitted. It will also help to have longer electrical cables fitted for easier and safer access to electrical sockets.

Most modern electric heaters available in Australia today can be customized with bimetal or mechanical thermostats, which enable easier temperature control. Just ensure the temperature control panel is within easy reach and is adapted to your specific setting.

Advantages of Using Electric Strip Heaters

Electric strip heaters are a great utility heating source for both domestic and industrial properties. You can buy electric strip heaters online and from any good brick and mortar hardware retailer or showroom. But before you shop, consult a knowledgeable person to ensure the strip heater you choose is a good fit for your application.

To cap, here are some of the many advantages that have made these heaters so popular;

  • • Ease of installation
  • • Cost effective
  • • Ease of operation
  • • Multiple uses

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