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Rinnai heaters are a trusted brand when buying heaters or fireplaces for your home or office. They come in a wide range, like freestanding, inbuilt and you can buy it from our shop and even order online. Rinnai Fireplaces in Melbourne is available at Nick Daniels and come loaded with features, like gentle flickering flames and cozy warmth, they usually have the appeal of an open fire, but they come independent with no mess or fuss that comes with traditional heaters.

Rinnai Heaters in Melbourne are available in a wide variety from Rinnai Slimfire to Rinnai Sapphire Gas, Rinnai 2001 Inbuilt, Spectrum Inbuilt, Ultima II Inbuilt, 950X and 1250 etc. Rinnai Heaters are manufactured using only premium materials. They can use LPG or Natural Gas fuel type. They are a true statement piece and add to the beauty and aesthetics of your home. Shop for Rinnai Freestanding or inbuilt heaters from Nick Daniels or order them online.

Rinnai heaters work on heat exchanger technology and are perfect for heating large, open plan living spaces. Few of the models of Rinnai are also featured for an energy efficiency star rating up to 5.5 stars* and they are the most efficient gas log fire heaters ever! Rinnai Heater Melbourne is also eco-friendly and there is no chance of excess pollution.

Rinnai Fireplaces Melbourne is specifically designed to cater for new homes and also most renovations and they come equipped with safety screens to provide peace of mind, with minimal noise and ease of operation. They are usually thermostatically controlled and have the option of flexible power fueling. Most Rinnai Heaters also have remote control options.

Many Rinnai gas heaters can accommodate old fireplaces and provide a great replacement for an old space heater.

The showroom of Nick Daniels is full of all the variety of Rinaai Fireplaces and Heaters. Come and visit the store to get an exposure to our wide range of heaters and choose the one that suits your requirement.

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