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COONARA: Compact In Built


Coonara Settler C600 - Charcoal


COONARA: Hermitage Freestanding


COONARA: Chateau Series II


COONARA: Chateau


COONARA: Firelite Freestanding


COONARA: Medium Freestanding


COONARA: Compact Freestanding


Coonara Slimline I500

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Nick Daniels is one of the largest suppliers of Coonara heaters in Melbourne. Coonara is known for its freestanding and In Built Heaters and Coonara fireplaces. It is one of the most trusted brands in In Built Heaters. Coonara have been building Heaters in Australia for over 45 years. They come in stylish looks and classic design and can be compact so they do not occupy much space in your home. There heaters are perfect for small and large fire places. There gas heaters are loaded with features like inbuilt fan, temperature control, remote control etc. Coonara heaters are adaptable to small rooms with low ceiling height or large living areas with high ceilings. With the continuing increase in utilities they can be a cost-effective solution for heat.

Coonara freestanding and In Built Heaters look aesthetically appealing in both contemporary and traditional homes and they have the ability to provide comfort and warmth for living areas from 10 house squares up to 32 house squares.

Nick Daniels has the complete range of Coonara heaters, from Coonara Compact inbuilt to Coonara slim line inbuilt, Coonara Setller, Coonara Firelite, Coonara Hemitage and Grange models and Coonara Medium Freestanding etc.

Their price range is between $1649 and $5999 and comes in two different styles, i.e. Wood Heaters and Gas Log Fires. Fuel types range from charcoal and wood and natural gas to LPG.. They also come with many different materials, such as cast iron, glass and stainless steel.

Great features entice customers to make Coonara their first choice. They have great aesthetic appeal, they are practical and versatile and have multiple installation options. Coonara heaters are synonymous with high efficiency. Coonara gas heaters also have convenient fueling options and more importantly they come with zero clearance. Most inbuilt Wood Heaters also have a Zero clearance option available.

When you want to buy Coonara heaters, Nick Daniels can be your first choice, you can buy directly from a store or shop and also order online.

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