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Linear Gas Fireplaces

Modernise your home with the wide range of linear fireplaces available from Lopi, Real Flame, Escea and Cannon, with options ranging from 1000mm wide up to 1800 wide. Builders Range also available from Lopi.
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Lopi Double sided 4415ST



Landscape by Real Flame


Lopi 3615 HO GS2 Linear Gas Fireplace



Lopi 4415 HO GS2 Linear Fireplace



Lopi 6015 HO GS2 Linear Fireplace



Gas Fires Sapphire Plinth

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Indoor fireplaces are a great convenience. During the winter season they even become an absolute necessity. But just as there are many home decor styles there is an equally expansive choice for both wood and gas fireplaces available for homeowners in Australia.

Shopping for a fireplace requires you know the exact type that will complement your decor style and accentuate your space’s more desirable features. If your space is compact and marked by clean lines and a sleek, modern contemporary design, a bulky masonry fireplace just would not be a good choice.

You would need a more compact design. A linear gas fireplace will be a great choice that will complement your space to a cinch.

Characteristics of a linear fireplace:

Linear fireplaces are identified by their minimalist, clean design. They typically spot a long rectangular shape and look great when they are plugged right into the wall, just above ground. The burner produces a low flame that stretches the length of the fireplace.

This flame is one of the linear heater’s finest features. Seen from the rectangular viewing space, the flame becomes a decor element all on its own. While the flame may appear small, these fireplaces can produce a lot of heat, firing up to 55,000 BTU per hour.

Another big attraction for some linear fireplaces is their compact size which allows them to be installed in any space. Because they are small and do not require major structural modifications to the space they are installed, linear gas fireplaces can be installed in smaller rooms like bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. Their other advantages include;

  • • Electronic ignition
  • • Adjustable heat output/flame height
  • • Low maintenance
  • • Mood lighting
  • • Remote control

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