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In Built Gas Log Fires

Isn’t gas supposed to be invisible, flammable air, with no fixed shape that you can touch or see? If the answer is affirmative, the natural question will be, what then is the deal with gas logs? Long story short; gas logs create the illusion of real wood burning inside a gas fireplace.

Why Gas Log Fires?

We associate Australian winters with log fires. Why not let the same folksy allure of warm winter nights around the fireplace endure, but this time using a cleaner burning fuel?

Technological advances have made natural gas a safe, efficient and cheaper option. Most of us would rather make our fires the way our forefathers have made them. There is an enduring charm with wood fires. With the new improved Gas Log Fires they have replicated the charm of the primitive wood fires. But what really are gas logs?

Even Heat Distribution

Gas logs are fake wood logs that are not made to burn. Instead they are a representation of real wood burning in your fireplace. They are, like the bricks used to make the inbuilt gas log fireplaces, fire resistant. To ensure they ‘burn’ forever, gas logs are made from a combination of hard wearing metals and synthetic agents. But you may ask if they serve any other real, functional benefit?

Well, because you can arrange your gas logs haphazardly in the fireplace, the flame is broken and separated. This enables more even heat distribution - a practical wood fireplace benefit that we have taken for granted. Until we were confronted with gas fireplaces!

Blue Or Yellow Flames?

An important consideration to make with in-built gas log fires Melbourne is whether to choose vent or vent-free inserts. Vented gas log fireplace inserts let in oxygen, which enables more thorough combustion and produces distinctive yellow flames. Vent-free fireplaces, on the other hand, produce a blue flame and leaves behind a black soot. This means you will have to clean the fireplace regularly.

Buy In-Built Gas Log Fires Melbourne right off the Nick Daniels’ Heating, BBQ & Outdoor Mega Centre’s online store. We stock a large inventory of carefully selected gas log fire inserts and accessories from top brands like Lopi, Rinnai, Escea, and Real Flame. You can also visit our showroom, which is stocked with heating and barbecue tools and accessories from the leading brands. Nick Daniels showroom is located at 4 Hulett Street, Albion, 03 93648018

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