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There are two scenarios where buying an electric heater will make sense. One, your space is too small that installing a more expensive central heating system would just seem a waste. Second, your installed central heating system is not providing adequate heating. For the latter instance, the heater would only be effective when used to heat a single, closed room.

Electric heaters in Melbourne are smaller, and cheaper, than most heaters on the market. This makes them an ideal choice for buyers on limited budgets. Most people who go out to buy electric heaters in Melbourne will be confronted with several choices.

Whatever type catches their fancy, most buyers will want, as you should too, to qualify the purchase against a checklist that will include;

  • ● Cost
  • ● Energy efficiency
  • ● Safety ratings
  • ● Heat output.
  • ● Ambience

Types of Electric Heaters

As you shop your options online you will also realise most of these qualities may depend on the design and type of heater you will eventually settle on. A particular type may have good reviews for a particular strength and be weak in another, and vice versa. Nick Daniels stocks the Glen Dimplex and Rinnai range, which are excellent quality.

Convection Heaters

While all electric heaters are distinguished, as their name suggests, by the energy that powers them, they are further separated by the way they produce and transmit the heat. Convection heaters use the convection process where the heated element draws cold air towards it.

The warmed air will lighten and rise up to be replaced by colder air. As the process continues, the temperature in the room will continue to rise until the heat is lowered or the heater itself is turned off. Note how that the size of the room will determine how fast it is warmed.

Panel heaters are basically a thin and flat convection heater that can be mounted on the wall. The best convection heater models will feature a fan that helps to spread and circulate the warmed air.

Fan Heaters

Convection heaters fitted with fans are not to be confused with fan heaters whose fans are more powerful and are the means by the heaters actually heat a room. They use their powerful fans push heat out of the heater to neutralize the cold air in the room.

Fan heaters are smaller and more portable when compared to other electric heaters, but they tend to be the fastest to heat a room. However, because of their powerful fans, they produce a bit of noise.

Want to shop around some more? Check out the many brands on display in our showroom. Otherwise, buy electric heaters online direct from the Nick Daniels website.


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