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Pot Belly Heaters

Pot belly heaters can heat small or large open areas quickly. Prices start as low as $699.Our range includes Klondike and Wescott models that are available with cooktops.
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Masport WESTCOTT 2000



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There now are a lot of options for both indoor and outdoor heating available. Take a trip to your local heating supplies store and you will be confronted with so many options making a choice can be a challenge. You will find the newer inbuilt gas log heaters and the standard freestanding wood heaters that come with many options of their own.

But with so many homes now spotting these same modern designs maybe the best way to create your own unique decor look is to go antique. And pot belly Heaters are an excellent choice for this.

What are pot belly heaters?

As the name suggests, these heaters are named for their bulging bellies. Their appearance resembles a fat man’s belly, itself a moniker that borrows from the form of old cooking pots that spotted proportionally larger, rounded bellies and had legs for balance.

These heaters are a modification of cast iron stoves that were popular in the 1900s. Although the stoves were mainly used for cooking and featured a flat cooking surface on top, they also served as a heating source.

Just like the pots they are named after, these stoves have a bulbous center section and are freestanding, with an opening on the side where the wood is fed. Instead of a pot mouth, an exhaust pipe that guides smoke into the chimney and out of the room is fashioned.

Advantages of using pot belly heaters?

There are now recreations of these antique pot belly heaters made from cheaper materials, mainly to cash in their growing appeal. The original ones were made of cast iron, which is more expensive. Most of the versions you will find in Australia today are made of steel and painted in the same black paint.

You would still find those made of cast iron if you shopped around. Though a genuine antique will be more appealing, you can still find that the more modern designs carry many of the same attractions;

  • • They are an excellent heat source. And thanks to their round appearance the heaters can be placed in the center of the room for more even heat distribution.
  • • They look good both in and outdoors. Because of their old-fashioned charm and intricate designs these heaters can work as an accent piece that will set your space apart. Their less linear appearance makes them instantly recognizable.
  • • They are multi-purpose. That you can use buy one for both your indoors and outdoors is welcome. But perhaps more attractively is the fact that, even though they essentially use wood fuel, they can be modified to burn gas for a greater heat output.

Buy Pot Belly Heaters from the Nick Daniels online shop. We stock a wide choice of both indoor and outdoor pot belly heaters. You can also visit our showroom for more options as well as other heater types and heating accessories. We carry brands like Masport and Lopi.There are various sizes to suit any application.

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